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The Gift of Life

Thinking of Giving Blood?
For more info or to make an appointment, call 508-86BLOOD or 508-862-5663.

When you donate blood, you give someone the gift of life. It?s one of the easiest ways to make a big difference and help others. And if you donate blood to Cape Cod Healthcare, your donation stays on the Cape to benefit your friends and neighbors rather than being transferred outside our community.

Why Donate Blood
Blood is a need that never goes away. Our hospitals perform more than 10,000 transfusions per year for such things as elective and emergency surgery, anemia, bleeding disorders and massive blood loss due to trauma. It?s important to know that:

About one in seven people entering a hospital needs blood
Red blood cells have a limited shelf life?just 42 days?so they must be constantly replenished
One pint of blood can save up to two lives
There is no substitute for human blood

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