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Orleans Farmers Market

Orleans Farmers Market

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About Us

Celebrating 30 years. The market is on Saturdays year-round- 8-12 May thru Labor Day, 9-12 September to Thanksgiving & 10-12 December to April. Be sure to stop by and learn about what you eat, who grows it and where on Cape Cod it comes from. It's all here...a large assortment of Locally grown farm products to choose from. We also have agricultural education information about planting, growing, nutrition, composting, worm composting, cover crops, mulching, soil quality and Regenerative Agriculture and what farmers and gardeners can do to help reverse climate change.
We are mostly Organic and support the reduction in use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We also support Pollinator Pathways and growing Native plants to support Native wildlife- Birds, Bees and healthy soil microbes.

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