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The Drawing Room is a Cape Cod community art studio specializing in drawing and painting classes for kids, teens and adults. Step by step, personalized instruction provides students with the skills to draw and paint realistically, and enables them to freely express their creativity with the knowledge of fundamentals to further empower them.
Classes for Kids
Kids classes begin with drawing, students learn the basic elements of representational drawing skills. With supportive guidance, students learn how to use shapes, space, proportion and relationship to create accurate depictions. In the one hour class for younger ages, kids are taught that all forms can be broken into simple shapes. Step-by-step instruction enables them to use these shapes to create basic line drawings. Drawings are then colored with crayons, markers or soft pastels. When ready, students progress to painting in watercolor, acrylic and oil paint, learning technique and color theory along the way. Classes for older kids are 1.5 hours and meet once weekly. This longer class is for students interested in accurate rendering. There can be frustration at knowing what one can see and not knowing how to render it. Often, this is a time when the misperception that only some people can draw may arise. For all classes a student can join anytime. Kids get personalized, one-on-one instruction in a group setting, skill level is not a factor.
Adult classes meet once weekly, and are ongoing. As in the classes for older kids, they join a multi-level and receive personalized instruction. You can join anytime.


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